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Reiki ~ Art ~ Body Work~ Education~ Fitness

Rev. Gigi  Bannister:

Was ordained in Universal Life Church in 2013 and received her Bachelor of Ancient Hermetic Philosophy in 2020 from the Universal Life Church Seminary. Veteran (US Army Ret - Grenada Era), Certified Notary Signing Agent, Producer, Director, Actress, Special Effects Artist, Author and pseudo-gardener.

     Reverend Gigi comes from a line of family with the gift of second sight (Seers). In performing the Sacred Path Card Readings, Gigi reads the literal terms of the lay of the cards and then interprets the meaning of the signs. That is her Gift. Her sight.

     She has also used her sight to assist on investigations for missing persons, clearing houses, and murder investigations. She did a reading on the Dorothy Bembridge house to assess her murder in Long Beach, CA in 2000 While the police were offering a contrary theory of where Ms Bembridge’s body was found, Gigi was correct on the minute details of the reading. Dorothy was strangled in her backyard as a form of revenge. ( Gigi used her sight and investigative background to solve her missing daughter, Autumn Starr’s, case who went missing January 2014.   She speaks to groups about Families of Missing Persons and supports National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

     As “Reverend Gigi” she is a Christian Based Spiritualist who has ministered to the needy, infirmed, imprisoned, estranged, afflicted, artistic, and homeless since 1993 and since 2013 performed weddings, and other life ceremonies of all faiths through an online ministry (Sacred Path Ministries). As a child, her mother raised her in the Church of Christ (as was her mother, grandmother, and many generations of her Texas family). After bring introduced to the Cultural ways by the Shaman, she was then introduced to Episcopalian teachings when serving in the Army and for many years after. Gigi's husband, Reggie Bannister was an Associate Pastor of the Four Square Church in Long Beach and walked many spiritual roads in his days. He is also ordained in Universal Life Church. They have active plans to launch a church in the near future to inclusively serve Artists, Youth and Veterans.

     Gigi has been in the film and entertainment industry for almost 47years. Husband actor/producer/musician, Reggie Bannister, and Gigi married twice - 2001 in Big Bear at the Hitching Post, and a few weeks later in Pow Wow Ceremony in Long Beach. The Bannisters have resided in their beloved San Bernardino mountains since 2003 in Crestline/Lake Gregory.

Rev. Gigi and Pastor Reggie, feel very strongly that “Families and our mountains are inseparable. What affects one affects the other and the world.”

“Be kind to each other for we are all brothers and sisters.” Rev. Gigi.