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Reiki ~ Art ~ Jewelry ~ Education ~ Fitness

Reverend Dr. Gunnar Jorgenson

Since 1980, Gunnar has been in study to discover ways that humans can heal themselves and the planet making use of the herbs and energies given to us by Source. 

Gunnar holds two PhD degrees in Metaphysical Sciences and Religious Philosophy, a Master's degree is Holistic Life Coaching and is a certified Usui Reiki Master, sound healer, aroma therapy practitioner, crystal Reiki master healer, animal Reiki practitioner, intuitive touch practitioner, Traditional Norse Handstokkur practitioner, Tuning Fork Therapy practitioner and chakra balancer. 

Reverend Gunnar is a Yogi in the Kundalini style of Yoga and teaches chair Yoga for differently abled bodies. He is also currently in training to become a Buddha Body yoga instructor. Buddha Body Yoga is a New York Based methodology designed for people of size. 

He is also a licensed foster parent that has parented more than 30 children and fostered close to 200. A life-long learner, Reverend Gunnar offers tutoring in any subject, and is the Dean of the Lightworker's Academy, a Sudbury style private school on the premises of Akasha. 

He is an artist working in many mediums including stone work, acrylic, oil and Aboriginal Glass painting. 

Gunnar has studied in India and is a minister in good standing with the church of Metaphysical Humanistic Science. 

He is also a public speaker specializing in family dynamics, non-violent communication, codependency and child development.

He has performed many weddings and believes that adults that love each other should be joined regardless of their orientation, gender, gender expression or faith tradition. 


"Metaphysics has been around since the dawn of humanity and covers a wide field of study including everything from theoretical mathematics to quantum physics to cosmology to psychic phenomena. Metaphysics is a valid field of study both in and outside of the scientific community. Metaphysics is actually the scientific study of consciousness, existence, and reality. It explores and endeavors to answer the "Why?" question about who we are, where we came from, and how we fit into the Grand Scheme of things. Anytime a person asks about the nature of how something works, he or she is delving into the realm of metaphysics.

Many Metaphysicists or Metaphysicians practice varied forms of metaphysics such as hypnosis, alternative healing, spiritual counseling, life-coaching, psychic readings, paranormal research, and many others that have a compelling basis in reality. Every religion is also metaphysical in nature; but rather than a religion itself, metaphysics is more about how we view and seek to understand the Cosmos.

Metaphysical Humanistic Science (also called Metaphysical Humanism) is simply our term for the study of metaphysics focused on understanding and enhancing the human condition and all that it encompasses. It takes a meaningful, practical, and rational approach to metaphysics devoid of superstitious, mythical, and ungrounded beliefs that rely on aberrational faith to accept. Metaphysical Humanistic Science is about exploring, understanding, and enhancing the human condition in a variety of ways; it’s about empowering the human spirit; and it’s about discovering the true nature of our existence in relation to all that is." 

Metaphysics Institute