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Pamela Dawn deForest Hancock


From her website -

"My spiritual life is tattooed across my body—telling the story of archetypes, totems, familiars, relations, poems, symbols, loves, and the cycles of life, death and rebirth that have crafted me into the being I am today. Inside this artistic landscape I embody my calling as a Professor, Alchemist, Sacred Circle Keeper, Pastoral Counselor, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Artist, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Ritualist, Herbalist, Yogini, PhD Student, Friend, Daughter, Wife, and New Mom."


B.A. - 2001 - “Creatively Defining Humankind through the Ages” Triple Major in Museum Studies, History & Creative Writing, Johnston Center, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA

M.F.A. - 2004 - Creative Writing, Chapman University, Orange, CA

Ordained Interfaith Minister & Chaplain - 2014 - The Chaplaincy Institute, Berkeley, CA

M.Div. - 2015 - Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, CA

Currently working towards PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies - Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Member of the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies


Master Level Reiki Healer since 2001

Certified SoulCollage Facilitator since 2014

Trained in Shamanic Soul-Retrieval by Hank Wesselman, PhD, 2014

300-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Aura Wellness Center, 2014 & over 20 years of experience as a Yogini

CPE Chaplaincy Training at Kaiser, Walnut Creek, 2014

Herbalist Training by Rosemary Gladstar, 2015

Currently training to be a Sandplay Therapy Practitioner


Sacred Circle Alchemy:

An 8-Month process where you work together with a small group of peers to go through the 7 Alchemical Stages and use the Planetary Elixirs to transform your life. Rev. Pamela has been teaching these classes since 2015, with classes in Long Beach, Lake Arrowhead, and currently in Agoura Hills, CA. The current series is full and started in early 2018. I will be moving to the Inland Empire mountains in January and plan on starting another series in February 2019, in Crestline, CA. For more information please visit:

💎Mythic Mapping for Mothers:

I found out I was pregnant in late 2017, and my world completely shifted. All of the paths I had taken thus far started to have a different tone, and different purpose. I suddenly understood why I had studied all of the various disciplines over the last 20 years, and what that meant for my future. As I stood in front of the Great Mother, resistant, scared and yet in awe—I felt how overwhelming this new archetypal role will be. After the birth of my baby I experienced severe postpartum depression. It was at that point that I realized that I had to craft a program for Mothers, to help them chart a new course for their lives and pull themselves from the quagmire of despair that can ensue. That is when I decided to create: MYTHIC MAPPING: A group therapy program and workbook designed to help women transition from being a singular being, to a Woman tasked with a great responsibility; yet someone who understands that she is still a multidimensional being with needs, drives and desires that must be fulfilled. It will help Mothers get in touch with what they want for their lives and make contact with a host of Mythic Goddesses who will assist them in navigating these new waters. Based in Depth Psychology and Archetypal Studies, this new program will encourage transformation, acceptance, and help women become the captains of their own destiny.

Spiritual Counseling and Sandplay Therapy:

My mission is to help people live their purpose and transform their lives. At Akasha I will provide Spiritual Counseling to assist adults in making the changes they require to go through their own metamorphosis. I am undertaking training to become a Certified Sandplay Therapy Practitioner. This method uses non-verbal, somatic techniques to help people process through life-changes, deep wounding, complexes, and trauma. It is the most transformative therapy process I have ever engaged in, and I am elated to be able to provide this service for others. To find out more please visit my website at:

💎Ecstatic Dance:

Having dealt with quite a bit of both physical and emotional trauma over the course of my life--I discovered that one of the best healing modalities is an embodied spiritual practice. Drawing from the 5 Rhythms Dance practice, Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, Afrikan Dance, and more--this Ecstatic Dance pwill help you get back into your body and deal with depression, trauma and more.

Rev. Pamela Dawn

Rev. Pamela Dawn Pastoral Counseling