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Reiki ~ Art ~ Body Work~ Education~ Fitness

Akasha Healing Center, Inc.

Philosophy Statement

Akasha Healing Center, Inc. (Akasha) operates on the belief that all spiritual and religious paths are

simply different roads on the same journey, including the paths of non-belief and non-conformity. We

believe that each road leads to wholeness. We understand that various life circumstances often take

individuals away from their path, disrupting their journey and bringing about disharmony within

themselves, their families, and their communities. We believe that through individualized intervention

delivered within a spiritually centered paradigm that every individual can find their way to their

Universally intended path.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional harmony within individuals,

families, and communities through the provision of quality behavioral health and social services. We will

accomplish this through:

1. Development and provision of evidence based behavioral health and social service programs

informed by data and relevant expertise.

2. Participating in ongoing social service needs assessment within the communities we serve to

inform the development of new programs and services, and to assist in the refinement of

existing programs.

3. Assisting in the building of community capacity to serve the needs of individuals and families

through collaborative program planning, and fund development activities in partnership with

other community based nonprofit organizations.

4. Providing relevant education and training as requested and appropriate.