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Reiki ~ Art ~ Jewelry ~ Education ~ Fitness

Workout, Weights and Wellness

 Work​out Weights and ​Wellness. For folks just beginning their fitness journey, class lasts only 20 to 30  minutes and contains basic breathing techniques, light weights and proper lifting techniques along with basic Hula steps for upper body and core. Class is free of charge and is at 11 AM Thursdays, and 10:00AM Saturdays. 

UlfTor Warrior Training

Learn about Runes as a writing system, navigating by the Sun, map reading, ship construction, broadsword and shield handling, archery and more. Training includes steel mace Vinyasa flow and weight training along with cardio conditioning. Class is free of charge and is at 1 PM Saturdays. 

Meditation for Stress Reduction

Things have been intense this past year and its always good to remember to relax and breathe. You will experience incredible relaxation and inner peace during this guided meditation and you will learn techniques to help you stay calm and centered. Class is free of charge and occurs Fridays at 6 PM.