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Year's End

New Beginnings Inside of Endings

December 31st, 2018

Our renovation has come to an end. We worked tirelessly to ensure that we would be finished in time for our reopening and we have succeeded. The dreams and musings of the last year culminating in a cloud of construction dust and paint. Akasha has withstood the banging and tearing away of that which did not serve her and her children. We still have some fine details to put in place, but she is clean, and reconstructed and ready to serve her community. During the process, many times, I felt overwhelmed by what had to be done. Sitting among the rubble of her old self, I thought I would never see the end of it. So many things to replace, so many things to repair. It is that way for our lives at times. We sit among the rubble of our discontent and presumed failures and think we will never get it put back together. We can only see what used to be and not what is coming and it can be so discouraging and overwhelming. I have learned that, in life as well as renovation, that taking even one small step toward one's goal can get things accomplished. When we are faced with an overwhelming set of challenges, putting one thing away can lead to a clear space for us to clean. Disregarding the whole of the task and focusing on one corner can make room for more corners to be cleaned. Our lives frequently go through a complete remodel. Torn apart, either by design or circumstance, we can sit in the rubble and feel lost and alone or we can pick up one piece of paper and move it to where it goes in the new paradigm. New ways of being are never easy to assimilate, but assimilate me must. Life is constantly changing and growing and we must change and grow with it. Akasha, even in her slumber, is teaching us important life lessons and skills. Onward and upward, as they say. Another year gone and well spent, I hope and onward to the new year and all the joy and pain it will bring. It seems fitting that Akasha's renewal should be completed today, the last day of the year and that she will enter the new year full of beauty and possibility; ready to serve, to protect and teach. As always, thank you for reading and following. You are loved, valued and so necessary. 

Marking the Changes​


December 18th, 2018

Since opening in September, we have added so many workshops and practitioners to Akasha. When we started, the space was big and open. Now, we have found that we have actually outgrown it. Our classes are often packed and our gatherings are too. If a proprietor of a healing center is to have a "problem", this is a great one to have. We have decided to begin renovation on the space to enlarge our gathering and workshop space. It is daunting to think about moving walls around and adding plumbing, but here we are. Akasha has a life of its own and She is reaching so many souls, it is incumbent upon us, her guardians, to be sure that we are maximizing our benefit in service to the community, and as such, we begin. 

Akasha is much more than her building, more than the sum of her parts, and yet, She is expanding her voice, so we clear out some inner obstacles to allow her to accommodate her people. It is more than dry wall and wood, it is more than space. It is a metaphor for life. Winter is the spinning season; a time when growing things sleep and renew. Akasha is no different. She will stand still momentarily and go within to change the things within her that need changing and She will emerge from her sleep, new and strong and ready to serve. We will keep you updated on her progress and our journey. Until next time, Thank you for reading and following. You are loved, valid and so necessary.