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Dangerous Elements! 

Swords and fire enhance the already amazing performance of these lovely ladies!

Nikkal Feyrouz ~ Belly dancing

Nikkal is a Multi Award Winning Belly Dancer From Southern, CA. Spectacular Teacher and Passionate Dancer.

Nikkal Feyrouz has been dancing off and on for most of her life. She has performed at many Restaurants Professionally. She has taught workshops, classes, and helped Choreograph dances for private clients, for her troupes and for other group directors.

Nikkal teaches and performs Egyptian, Lebanese, Club Cabaret, Ethnic, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and more. You will get a workout from one of the best Belly Dancers in the Inland Empire. You will learn choreography's, core movement, cabaret and tribal improv, and props including sword, zils, basket, tray, veil, double veil, candles, canes, fans and more!

Nikkal Performs and Teaches Classes In Southern California. San Jacinto, Hemet, Moreno Valley, Inland Empire, Covina, Banning, and numerous private classes. Great for men, children, pregnant women, handi-capable, and seniors.

Directed by Nikkal Feyrouz...

The Dancing Belly is a World Fusion Bellydance troupe specializing in dangerous elements. Snake charming, Pyroforming, sword wielding, Balancing bellydancers... Nikkal has her own ITS format that can incorporate some of these dangerous elements.