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Anita Massage

Anita began her career in an ancillary nursing position which she worked for many years. After healing patients allopathically,  she followed her bliss to a way to heal others in a more holistic way. 

In 2014, she graduated from A2Z Health Massage School in Thousand Oaks, California Where she also received Reiki attunements to the level of Master.

She is currently enrolled in continuing education course in herbology and aroma therapy under Jeannie Rose.

Anita Specializes in relaxation massage, but her other modalities include deep tissue, trigger point, geriatric, prenatal, lymphatic, hot stone and reflexology massage. 

Anita is a lifetime learner and is always expanding her offerings.

You can reach Anita by calling Akasha at (909)222-8805 or by calling her directly at (949) 975 9148.