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We Live in Paradise!

  Mankind has always recognized that there is something bigger than himself and yet, within himself. Holistic healing has been around as long as humans have inhabited Earth. Shamans and holy people from the beginning of history have harnessed the herbs and energies their tribe needed to stay alive and healthy. Primitive  humans realized that healing takes place not only in the physical but in the Metaphysical. We, as modern humans seem to have forgotten this ancient knowledge.  Our healers will help to guide you on your path to self discovery and recovery. That is to say, not only with medicines, but with positive thoughts and emotional balance you can mend and feel better. This means that the power to heal is within your grasp. It is the job of any good healer to help you to learn how to harness the power of Nature and your own amazing body and mind to heal imbalance. That's all illness is. When we lose our balance, we become ill. 

This is not to suggest that Western medicine shouldn't be utilized. Holistic medicine can and does act as a compliment to Western medicine. 

Chakra balancing and Reiki along with Life Coaching can help us to heal and balance those areas of our lives where we may have lost our way. 

Healthy expression of our needs introduces emotional healing and movement of our wonderful, efficient bodies keeps us in tune with life. Our practitioners are well versed in all aspects of wellness and can help you discover your unique path to total health. 

The products we stock in our shoppe are designed not only to help you keep the healing going at home, but to benefit the artisans that create them. Everything in our store is fair trade and we provide organic wherever possible. The planet needs our help and we need her help. We endeavor in every practice and product to provide healing for both you and our beautiful, complex planet. 

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Reiki Treatments and Attunements

Come in for a weekly charge of Reiki healing. Relax and take in the energy. When you are ready, learn to channel the energy for yourself and loved ones. 

Custom Aroma therapy

Scent can help us concentrate, open our minds, relax and remember better. Come in and let our artisans create a custom fragrance for your home or office. 

Life Coaching

We can all use a little help once in a while. Our coaches use the Life Leadership Paragon system for mental wellness, stress management and success. 

Chakra Balancing and Crystal Grid Therapy

Imbalance in our energy centers can make it more difficult to stay on track. Come in and find energetic balance. Our practitioners are trained in the resonance frequencies of crystals and crystal grids and can help you find your perfect balance. 

Skin Conditioning

Skin is our largest organ. It keeps us safe from environmental toxins, keeps nutrients in and acts as a natural sunscreen. When it is compromised, our health can suffer. Our practitioners use the finest ingredients to exfoliate and moisturize to keep your skin in its best condition. 

Our Products